For quite sometime, I have considered myself a musician. Being one a has taught me some valuable life lessons. Going into the new year, Id like to share an analogy that I have learned from music.

Early on, one of my goals as a musician was to create music that was totally unique and something that had never heard of before. I think a lot of musicians can relate to this goal. I used approach this task as such a monumental one as though it was a mountain I needed to conquer and be at the top of. In my perspective at the time, the “perfect” song needed to consist of more than one chord progression at all times. Not only that, those chords needed to sound different in the chorus. And of course the song needed an unforgettable Led Zeppelin style bridge. I let pressure and thoughts about what the best song could be get the best of me. I started comparing myself to my other musician friends who had more experience of how to create songs with all the special chords and bridges. The expectations and limitations went on and on and on and on. Little did I know at the time was that I was in fact limiting the real feeling I wanted my song to convey. I used to find a lot of stress, and anger in creating a song that I would actually accept. It would get me so frustrated at the point that I did not want to play music anymore. It hurt.

It took me a while to realize and be aware that my learned beliefs of what my music was supposed to be or be structured like was taking the best of me. From that realization, things began to shift. I began realizing that the multi-chord masterpiece can easily be a one chord masterpiece. I was overlooking the complexity and beauty in what one chord can actually bring to a song alone. Infinite scales, levels of intensity, buildups, sounds. These characteristics can go on and on.

This is where I want to bring back in the idea of new years resolutions. Many of us have the perfect idea of what we want our new years resolution goals should be or consist of. Whether it is making the perfect diet plan, envisioning the perfect body we want after going to the gym for the next year, or making the perfect song, we have some lofty goals and we militantly stick to them to find that they are not as achievable as we once thought. These goals in essence are amazing and allowed aspirations to have and they are attainable in every right. What I ask you to be present to is that the path to your goal can be different that what you expect it to be. Take time to about the small steps that will make you reach your goal and be open to changes that you may find within yourself while on the journey to that goal. You will be surprised. I sure was after my idea of a perfect song ended up to be one chord.

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