I was fortunate and so thankful to discover a fantastic hour-long documentary covering how media plays an integral part in societal cultivation which plays a larger part in how we rationally/irrationally view our world.

The film takes a deep, analytical and logical look into how violence, racial representation and depiction, and emotions in our media plays an enormous role in how we go about our daily lives.

Towards the the end of the documentary, George Gerbner suggests that the new task for our generation is to design a media system which will address the challenge of how we can create a media environment for our children. How do we cultivate stories and socializing influence that are more fair, just, equitable and less damaging than the system we have today.

I think we have that system now. Its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram. However, it is up to us individually to consciously decide what stories we want to enrich ourselves when we choose to become informed. For the first time in history, we have the choice to decide what information we want to consume. It can be stories of positivity or they can be stories of negativity. You control your newsfeed. Take a moment to analyze what your newsfeed consists of. If they are stories that perpetuate fear and anxiety within yourself, unfollow a particular story that is not aligning with how you are experiencing your reality. Use the power of the search bar to follow pages that align with your values, hobbies and interests. I try to follow a balanced amount of stories and source. Those sources that I don’t necessarily agree with on a personal level but accept the opinion of what story provides try to dig deeper into the source of that opinion. From this approach, I have started to make space within myself to see that the way we view and absorb information is very dualistic. Liberal or Conservative, red or blue, black or white. When you begin to see both sides, you then begin to see the commonalities (the gray) of what each side has a goal of; happiness, love, healthiness.

Take more time to see the entire story and see the gray. Within the gray lies truth.

Documentary Lover Pro-tip:

For those interested in discovering new documentaries, on occasion, I suggest visiting this link https://www.reddit.com/r/Documentaries/. New documentaries are discovered from the deepest and darkest depths of the internet and youtube and added here for your free viewing pleasure.

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