Troy Casey, one of the many thought leaders I regularly follow on social media and also known as “The Certified Health Nut”, recently dropped some clear and insightful knowledge during the #LoveMob event in Santa Monica this last weekend. He was captured speaking in the video below.

Casey advocates for people to recognize that we, society, are the solution to the problems we are facing. Rather than continuing to frame conversations on climate change as ‘we the victim’ and ‘they as the problem,’ what if we see the larger picture that we are the society collectively. Instead of getting caught up in the linguistics of the problematic buzz words like “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” as economically and politically charged elements, what if we frame the conversation around active solutions to the problem, rather than continuing to perpetuate the conversation that we are aware of the problem? Casey says is best in that “We are collectively responsible for the world we have created therefore we are collectively responsible for the solutions.”

Casey highlights 4 major solutions that can greatly propel our society in a positive direction. These solutions are grounded in the belief that focusing on individual health and happiness first will then allow for individuals to share their given talents to the world for good and permeate abundance around them. These solutions are surrounded by creating equitable systems everyone benefits from. How can we expect the world to be happy when we are not happy ourselves?

The 4 major solutions Casey advocates for are Free Energy, Permaculture, Self Care Education, and the Gift Economy.

I invite you to explore these systems and how they would be of benefit as solutions for the problems humanity is facing today and check out Troy Casey speak below.

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