I help busy entrepreneurs reclaim their time.

Business Administration Services for Busy Business Owners

I help busy entrepreneurs reclaim more of their valuable time so they can focus more on what they want rather than what they have to do. From web design to one-off project management engagements to administrative, customer service, & marketing related tasks, I have over 7 years experience working as an Executive/Virtual/Administrative assistant for dozens of entrepreneurs.

My Services
Web Design & Development

Whether you are looking to make minor edits or have a complete website overhaul, I can help. Check out my web portfolio here.

Data Entry, Bookkeeping & Research

Are you finding hours in your day begin to slip away from remedial or brain consuming tasks that take you away from the big picture of your business? I'm here to help.

Inbox Management & Appointment Scheduling

I lift a load off you by taking care of answering customer questions. I also work to get qualified sales calls on your calendar through custom outreach campaigns.


"Connor's exceptional talent to juggle and organize the workflow of the company is outstanding. He is the oil that makes the gears spin at Checkmate Creations, keeping all projects on track, knowing where a project is at any given time, and providing the constant positive energy that keeps the spirits of everyone very high. With hundreds of names, deliverables, and separate tasks, you can count on Connor to know them all, and to keep the energy flowing. If you are interested in knowing how to optimize your processes, lead a team, or manage a project I highly recommend you speak to Connor."

- Matt Cameron, CXO @ MindTrust Labs

"Connor is one of the most versatile, calm, and genuine people I've ever met. His ability to take on a new challenge, address a situation, and come out on top consistently goes above and beyond what I could expect of a colleague and friend. I highly recommend having a conversation with Connor, you'll most definitely enjoy your time with him."

- Tom Nassr, CEO @ Checkmate.Digital

β€œIt was a pleasure working with Connor. His process was very clear and had great communication throughout the entire project. I am very satisfied with the work Connor did on my website. The design and messaging was clear, simple easy to understand. He also went above and beyond by incorporating plugins designed to boost my SEO and acquire leads. I highly recommend working with Connor for your website and messaging needs.”

– Will Haire, CEO @ BellaVix

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